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Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, which gives you a little bit more time to choose a card or gift for your honey bunny.  Here are a few printables I’ve found around the web that may be of some help to you:

This wrapping paper could also make a cute print in a frame during the month of February.


wrapping paper


Buy your sweet their favorite coffee, and wrap it in one of these cup wrappers.


cup wrappers


Attach this gift tag to a homemade treat.


gift tag


And here are five valentine’s day cards to choose from.


printable cards


My honey has planned a trip for us to Fresh Market to pick out antipasto items for a creative dinner of fancy finger foods we don’t normally buy.  Yum!

A New Hobby: Embroidery

As if I don’t have enough half-finished art/craft projects sitting around, I’ve decided to add a new hobby to my list.  Embroidery!  I’ve been seeing a lot of cute embroidery lately – displayed in the hoop they were sewed in – and hung by a nail or ribbon.  See examples HERE, HERE, and HERE.

My first project was a small embroidery of a tea cup for my youngest sister who is obsessed with tea.  I found a free pattern online, printed out a copy, and headed to the craft store for supplies.  I bought several small and medium hoops (super cheap), embroidery thread (super cheap), and off white cotton (super cheap).  I went home and sketched the pattern from the paper onto my fabric using a sun-filled window as my back lit drawing board.  I used simple stitches and finished the embroidered pattern within a few days of sewing during my down time.  I then took the frame apart, stained the wood brown with some acrylic paint, put the frame and fabric back together and stitched some felt on the back.  That was it!



wooden embroidery hoop





finished embroidery

finished embroidery





I just completed my second embroidery last night for my sister-in-law who just had her second baby a few weeks ago.  It’s pretty cute as well (pictures to come after she’s received it).  A future goal is to create my own patterns.  That is, if I don’t get distracted by something else first.

Spring 2013 Color Trends

If you haven’t already seen the spring color trends on Pinterest, the Today Show, or various fashion blogs, emerald has been chosen as Pantone’s color of the year.  A color that anyone can look good in!  Here is the full report:



I’m personally loving the idea of pairing emerald with grayed jade for a monochrome look (a big spring trend), with some accessories in lemon zest.   Here are a few products in the color collection you could incorporate into your home and closet:


Product List:

1. Mint Escapade Jeweled Necklace, $19.99 – Ruche
2. Perch Table Lamp – yellow, $55.00 – West Elm
3. Sissinghurst Castle Mug, $14.00 – Anthropologie
4. Lancome Vernis in Love Nail Polish, $15.00 – Sephora
5. Navy Blue Earrings, $16.00 – Etsy
6. Foodie for Thought Skirt in Mint, $37.99 - Modcloth
7. Polka-Dots Foulard, $29.99 – Mango
8. Loloi Round Rug – Azalea Collection, $59 -
9. Boutique 9 Allix Shoes – blue multi, $46.07 – 
10. Sleeveless Popover Blouse, vibrant flame, $54.50 – J. Crew Factory

Olive Oyl

I’m back!  I took off more than a month of blogging due to just needing a break.  Also, we got a puppy!  Olive Oyl, a red merle Australian Shepherd, joined us in early January.  She has taken up a little more (how bout all?) of our free time than we expected, but she is a fun addition to our household.


Olive's first day with us

Olive’s first day with us


sleepy pup

sleepy pup


starting to grow up

starting to grow up


playing with her new bumblebee yesterday

playing with her new bumblebee yesterday


Also in January:

My nana in Ohio passed away.  Not an unexpected event (she was nearly 93), but very sad nonetheless.  I lived down the street from her most of my childhood, and actually lived with her for a summer in college when my family moved to Florida. She had a huge influence on my creative hobbies, and we spent many afternoons painting together until I moved away. Our family is heading up to Michigan this June for a memorial/reunion in her honor.


summer of 2009

summer of 2009


We gained another nephew!  Brennan Thomas was born on January 28 and is absolutely precious.


My brother with his boys, Grady and Brennan.

My brother with his boys, Grady and Brennan.


I also started a new hobby (embroidery), hosted a baby shower, finished some freelance projects, and made some yummy new recipes.  Blog posts to come.

Wall Paint: Done (for a very long time)

We finally finished painting our laundry room and garage last weekend. What a project.  It took the two of us the entire day to clean out each room, paint (walls and ceilings), and put everything back in a somewhat organized way.  If you’ll remember from when we first bought the house, the original two car garage had been converted into a one car garage/4th bedroom/short hallway.











That layout made no sense whatsoever for us, so we converted it back into a two car garage (one side is a little short for a car, so we use it for storage) and a laundry room.



cleaning up before painting






trimming the room

trimming the laundry room


finished laundry room

finished laundry room


The Great Glasses Experiment of 2012

I am in need of new glasses…especially since I dropped mine on a large boulder while on vacation in California last year.  That oopsy resulted in a tiny, but annoying scratch on one of the lenses.  Not a huge deal, but as much as I’m dependent on wearing specs now (new to me for the last 2.5 years), I could really use a new pair.

the boulder that scratched my glasses

the boulder that scratched my glasses


I decided that instead of spending hundreds of dollars getting glasses at a local store, I would give Warby Parker a try.


Warby Parker's website

Warby Parker’s website


They offer a pretty good deal – $95 for a pair of prescription glasses, all of which are very trendy.  But first, the try on stage.  You can choose five frames and they will send free samples to you for five days.  Here is how my try on went:


giving the sample glasses a test drive

giving the sample glasses a test drive


Each pair was pretty spunky and looked good in its own way, but Preston and Webb were a little TOO spunky for me.  Nedwin looks very similar to the pair I already own, so I just had Zagg and Linwood to choose from.  I liked Zagg a lot, but Linwood won out.  I love the pattern of browns and purple.


the winner - Linwood

the winner – Linwood


I will be ordering them by the end of the year and will update you later on how they hold up to day-t0-day use.

White Christmas

Between celebrating two Thanksgivings and two Christmases in three days over the Thanksgiving holiday, Sunday was a nice day to relax and put up our Christmas tree.  Our previous Christmas tree had to go to Christmas tree heaven when we moved, so this year we decided to go a little crazy and buy a white tree to fit the style of our new house.


arranging branches


ornaments hung


Ready for a T&H Christmas


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