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DIY Instagram Magnets

We’ve all seen ads for companies that make instagram magnets – for the low low price of a lot of money.  Making my own was much easier and cheaper than I imagined.

instagram magnets

Here’s what you need:

Prints of your instagram pictures
- You can either get them printed at walgreens or another photo printer, or print your own on slightly thick paper. I printed my own on 60 lb paper in two sizes – 2 and 2.5 inches (2 inches is authentic instagram size, but I wanted some bigger ones as well).

Magnet Paper
- I bought a roll of magnet paper at Michaels (Jo Ann’s didn’t carry it) for about $10 and used a 40% off coupon.  One roll did quite a few – I made three sets of between 8-12.


First, cut out your instagram picture.

cut instagram

Then cut out a similar size (a hair bigger) magnet. Peel off the paper, line up a corner of the instagram picture as close as you can, and press them together. Smooth over with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles.


Use your scissors to trim around the magnet to tighten up the edges. That’s it!

The finished project:





A New Hobby: Embroidery

As if I don’t have enough half-finished art/craft projects sitting around, I’ve decided to add a new hobby to my list.  Embroidery!  I’ve been seeing a lot of cute embroidery lately – displayed in the hoop they were sewed in – and hung by a nail or ribbon.  See examples HERE, HERE, and HERE.

My first project was a small embroidery of a tea cup for my youngest sister who is obsessed with tea.  I found a free pattern online, printed out a copy, and headed to the craft store for supplies.  I bought several small and medium hoops (super cheap), embroidery thread (super cheap), and off white cotton (super cheap).  I went home and sketched the pattern from the paper onto my fabric using a sun-filled window as my back lit drawing board.  I used simple stitches and finished the embroidered pattern within a few days of sewing during my down time.  I then took the frame apart, stained the wood brown with some acrylic paint, put the frame and fabric back together and stitched some felt on the back.  That was it!



wooden embroidery hoop





finished embroidery

finished embroidery





I just completed my second embroidery last night for my sister-in-law who just had her second baby a few weeks ago.  It’s pretty cute as well (pictures to come after she’s received it).  A future goal is to create my own patterns.  That is, if I don’t get distracted by something else first.

Pinterest Stuff I Would Like to Make Someday Soonish

Here are a few of my recent Pinterest craft / recipe  cravings:

I just need an excuse to make this. And not just a normal night, or I will eat it all.

Sweet Paul Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake


Perfect for a holiday party.

Broadway, Holiday Drink


Front porch garland, perhaps?

Pine Cone Flower Garland


Fun necklaces, that I could paint any color under the sun.

Bauble Necklace


Can someone I know please have a baby girl so I can make you some of these?! I have two nephews and a best friend’s baby boy coming this spring…so no girls.

Painted Onesie


Pumpkin Day

Tis the season for pumpkin carving and pumpkin seed roasting.

sketching Jack Skellington, this year’s design


*Good to know: sharpie can easily be wiped off a pumpkin with a paper towel soaked in hand sanitizer.


carving it up


finding a good use for all the extra paint we have on hand




prepping the seeds


sweet and spicy

Post 100: Cork Coaster DIY

I’m a little surprised, this is actually my 100th post! And a DIY post, even better!  I have had my eye out for funky coasters for over a year and hadn’t really found any I love.  I decided to make some, and lucky for me there are a lot of DIY’s out there to choose from.  Most of them, however, use ceramic tiles as their base.  Our future house has wood floors so I didn’t really think that was a great option for us.  Cork was the next best thing.  Soft, durable, and you can still decoupage a paper of your choice on top.  I found packages of 6 round cork coasters at hobby lobby for under $3.  The paper I used is from some stationary I bought in high school that I’ve always loved but never had a great use for.  I love how they turned out.

Cork coasters  (round or square, from a craft store)
Decorative paper
A few foam brushes
Mod Podge
A stick piece of paper or cardboard and a pen
Sealer (I used spray sealer we already had on hand)




1.)  Place a coaster on the piece of stiff paper or cardboard and trace around it to make a cutting guide for your decorative paper.

2.) Cut out your decorative paper using the shape guide you’ve just created. (One for each coaster)

3.) Using a foam brush, spread a layer of mod podge on one side of the cork coaster, and place your decorative paper cut-out on top of it.  Then give the paper a layer of mod podge.  Let the coasters dry. Apply a second coat and allow to dry overnight.

4.)  After the mod podge has completely dried, give the coasters a layer of sealer.  Let this dry, and you have yourself a set of coasters!


Drying between mod podge layers.


the finished product