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Homemade Italian Sodas

I recently ordered an italian soda at a local restaurant (which turns out, isn’t italian at all). Then I thought, why can’t I make this at home? The ingredients were ridiculously simple. Ice, flavored simple syrup, sparkling water. That’s it. Combine in whatever order/amounts you wish, and enjoy! I added fresh raspberries since I had some on hand (add a splash of vodka for an evening cocktail).  I bought a small Torani raspberry syrup for a few dollars at World Market and later I realized I could have just made some from my raspberries. Oh well, maybe next time! This drink is perfect for summer evenings and group get-togethers.


italian soda


DIY Instagram Magnets

We’ve all seen ads for companies that make instagram magnets – for the low low price of a lot of money.  Making my own was much easier and cheaper than I imagined.

instagram magnets

Here’s what you need:

Prints of your instagram pictures
- You can either get them printed at walgreens or another photo printer, or print your own on slightly thick paper. I printed my own on 60 lb paper in two sizes – 2 and 2.5 inches (2 inches is authentic instagram size, but I wanted some bigger ones as well).

Magnet Paper
- I bought a roll of magnet paper at Michaels (Jo Ann’s didn’t carry it) for about $10 and used a 40% off coupon.  One roll did quite a few – I made three sets of between 8-12.


First, cut out your instagram picture.

cut instagram

Then cut out a similar size (a hair bigger) magnet. Peel off the paper, line up a corner of the instagram picture as close as you can, and press them together. Smooth over with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles.


Use your scissors to trim around the magnet to tighten up the edges. That’s it!

The finished project:





Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, which gives you a little bit more time to choose a card or gift for your honey bunny.  Here are a few printables I’ve found around the web that may be of some help to you:

This wrapping paper could also make a cute print in a frame during the month of February.


wrapping paper


Buy your sweet their favorite coffee, and wrap it in one of these cup wrappers.


cup wrappers


Attach this gift tag to a homemade treat.


gift tag


And here are five valentine’s day cards to choose from.


printable cards


My honey has planned a trip for us to Fresh Market to pick out antipasto items for a creative dinner of fancy finger foods we don’t normally buy.  Yum!

A New Hobby: Embroidery

As if I don’t have enough half-finished art/craft projects sitting around, I’ve decided to add a new hobby to my list.  Embroidery!  I’ve been seeing a lot of cute embroidery lately – displayed in the hoop they were sewed in – and hung by a nail or ribbon.  See examples HERE, HERE, and HERE.

My first project was a small embroidery of a tea cup for my youngest sister who is obsessed with tea.  I found a free pattern online, printed out a copy, and headed to the craft store for supplies.  I bought several small and medium hoops (super cheap), embroidery thread (super cheap), and off white cotton (super cheap).  I went home and sketched the pattern from the paper onto my fabric using a sun-filled window as my back lit drawing board.  I used simple stitches and finished the embroidered pattern within a few days of sewing during my down time.  I then took the frame apart, stained the wood brown with some acrylic paint, put the frame and fabric back together and stitched some felt on the back.  That was it!



wooden embroidery hoop





finished embroidery

finished embroidery





I just completed my second embroidery last night for my sister-in-law who just had her second baby a few weeks ago.  It’s pretty cute as well (pictures to come after she’s received it).  A future goal is to create my own patterns.  That is, if I don’t get distracted by something else first.

Wall Paint: Done (for a very long time)

We finally finished painting our laundry room and garage last weekend. What a project.  It took the two of us the entire day to clean out each room, paint (walls and ceilings), and put everything back in a somewhat organized way.  If you’ll remember from when we first bought the house, the original two car garage had been converted into a one car garage/4th bedroom/short hallway.











That layout made no sense whatsoever for us, so we converted it back into a two car garage (one side is a little short for a car, so we use it for storage) and a laundry room.



cleaning up before painting






trimming the room

trimming the laundry room


finished laundry room

finished laundry room


A Room with a View, and a Painted Porch

This past weekend we had some friends over and finished up a few small projects.  It was fun showing our friends our house – we hadn’t seen most of them since we started the home-buying process in July. We are very thankful that life is slowing down a bit, just in time for the craziness of the holiday season.


the family room from our front door


We (mostly T) painted the ceiling and trim in the laundry room which you can see in progress in the above photo. We also finally got around to hanging a few pictures, and arranging some more of our random furniture.


another view


Our family room window has a great view of the park across the street (which you can’t see in this photo…oops).


semi-finished nook


We also put a fresh coat of paint on our front porch floor.


looking a little rough


freshly painted

Pinterest Stuff I Would Like to Make Someday Soonish

Here are a few of my recent Pinterest craft / recipe  cravings:

I just need an excuse to make this. And not just a normal night, or I will eat it all.

Sweet Paul Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake


Perfect for a holiday party.

Broadway, Holiday Drink


Front porch garland, perhaps?

Pine Cone Flower Garland


Fun necklaces, that I could paint any color under the sun.

Bauble Necklace


Can someone I know please have a baby girl so I can make you some of these?! I have two nephews and a best friend’s baby boy coming this spring…so no girls.

Painted Onesie


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