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Fall 2013 Color Trends

Drumroll……..I know you’ve been waiting for it……..the 2013 Pantone Color report for Fall!  Because we’re already working on our fall wardrobe, right? No, me either. Anyways, here is the report for your future reference, as well as some shopping ideas (this year, the palette is for both men and women).






Product List: 

1. How to Stay Alive in the Woods, by Bradford Angier – Terrain
2. iPhone Case in Spanish Rose – Rifle Paper Co.
3. Colorblock T – J. Crew Factory
4. Ayana Designs Fishbone Earrings – South Moon Under
5. Black Squirrel Canvas Head Portrait – The Land of Nod
6. Promenad Dinnerware – Ikea
7. Sephora + Pantone Color Theory Eye Shadow in Eclipsed – Sephora
8. Scotch Nail Polish in Macbeth’s Dream – Essentials
9. Floral Ikat Shower Curtain – West Elm

Spring 2013 Color Trends

If you haven’t already seen the spring color trends on Pinterest, the Today Show, or various fashion blogs, emerald has been chosen as Pantone’s color of the year.  A color that anyone can look good in!  Here is the full report:



I’m personally loving the idea of pairing emerald with grayed jade for a monochrome look (a big spring trend), with some accessories in lemon zest.   Here are a few products in the color collection you could incorporate into your home and closet:


Product List:

1. Mint Escapade Jeweled Necklace, $19.99 – Ruche
2. Perch Table Lamp – yellow, $55.00 – West Elm
3. Sissinghurst Castle Mug, $14.00 – Anthropologie
4. Lancome Vernis in Love Nail Polish, $15.00 – Sephora
5. Navy Blue Earrings, $16.00 – Etsy
6. Foodie for Thought Skirt in Mint, $37.99 - Modcloth
7. Polka-Dots Foulard, $29.99 – Mango
8. Loloi Round Rug – Azalea Collection, $59 -
9. Boutique 9 Allix Shoes – blue multi, $46.07 – 
10. Sleeveless Popover Blouse, vibrant flame, $54.50 – J. Crew Factory

The Great Glasses Experiment of 2012

I am in need of new glasses…especially since I dropped mine on a large boulder while on vacation in California last year.  That oopsy resulted in a tiny, but annoying scratch on one of the lenses.  Not a huge deal, but as much as I’m dependent on wearing specs now (new to me for the last 2.5 years), I could really use a new pair.

the boulder that scratched my glasses

the boulder that scratched my glasses


I decided that instead of spending hundreds of dollars getting glasses at a local store, I would give Warby Parker a try.


Warby Parker's website

Warby Parker’s website


They offer a pretty good deal – $95 for a pair of prescription glasses, all of which are very trendy.  But first, the try on stage.  You can choose five frames and they will send free samples to you for five days.  Here is how my try on went:


giving the sample glasses a test drive

giving the sample glasses a test drive


Each pair was pretty spunky and looked good in its own way, but Preston and Webb were a little TOO spunky for me.  Nedwin looks very similar to the pair I already own, so I just had Zagg and Linwood to choose from.  I liked Zagg a lot, but Linwood won out.  I love the pattern of browns and purple.


the winner - Linwood

the winner – Linwood


I will be ordering them by the end of the year and will update you later on how they hold up to day-t0-day use.

Finishing Details

We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!   This week we put more coats of paint on the cabinets, installed blinds, and did a lot of small projects that make things look close to finished (added trim, hung light fixtures, moved furniture and unpacked a few more boxes…to name a few).  We even had a little extra time to go to a few local events, see some friends, and discover that I am fairly allergic to fire ant bites/stings (ouch).


the cabinets look brand new!


newly installed light


new blinds and a semi-finished area


our new laundry room (formerly part of the garage)


welcome basket from two of our neighbors


satsuma oranges from our tree that finally has a home

Paint by Number: Bedrooms

This weekend we have been painting – nonstop.  I’ve never painted so many surfaces in such a short time in my life – pretty exhausting, but WOW what a difference a little fresh color can make!


bedroom #1, painted (sorry it’s a little dark)


bedroom #2, painted


master bedroom (#3), before paint


#3, painted

Yard Changes

This week we saw some huge changes with our landscaping.  Mostly, it was removed.  The porch looks so much bigger with the overgrown bushes taken out.

bushes removed from front of house


In the back yard, almost all of the overgrown bushes and trees were removed.  It looks so much bigger!


pile of bushes


When we get some free time after settling in the house, we’ll re-plant our satsuma orange tree and add a few other varieties to create more privacy. Yesterday I sat on the back stairs of the house in the sun, and simply enjoyed the fact that I was looking at my own yard.  It was a great feeling.

Fall 2012 Color Trends

As we are ALREADY nearing August and the end of summer, fall is just around the corner (seriously, this summer has FLOWN by!).  Pantone has chosen some lovely colors for this fall’s fashion trends, which again include the color of the year, “Tangerine Tango.”

Fall 2012 – Top 10 colors for women’s and men’s fashion


My favorites are Honey Gold, Ultramarine Green, Bright Chartreuse, and Rhubarb from the men’s section.  Looking forward to adding them to my fall layering and accessories and maybe even fall and Christmas decor.  This year needs to slow down a little bit…

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a clever video on 25 ways to wear a scarf.  Very useful!

(if the video is blurry, change the quality to 720p HD on the bottom control bar)


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