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Wedding Invitation: Jeanette and Matthew


Jeannette and Matthew had a special story that they wanted incorporated into their wedding invitation – they were getting married the same day their parents had in 1983 (Sapp), and 1989 (Carco).  The live oak tree on the invitation tells the story in its branches, and the brown and green color palette blend perfectly.

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Sorry there has been an extreme lack of posts lately.  I am working on several craft projects, but they all happen to be top-secret birthday gifts for my two nephews and niece…tutorial posts will be available in mid-May, after they have all received them.  T and I have also concocted several delicious recipes, but they need some tweaking before sharing.  What I CAN do, is share some of my favorite blogs.  Here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

This blog is written by cutie Elsie Larson.  Even her name is cute.  She writes about outfits, food, beauty, photography, decor, and also creates DIY projects.


Kendi Everyday

Kendi Everyday

Kendi posts creative outfit combinations nearly everyday (thus the name).  They are very inspiring when you are in a “I have no clue what to wear today!!” rut.


How About Orange

How About Orange

I love the color orange.  So does Jessica Jones, the blogger who created How About Orange.  Subjects she writes about include:  DIY tutorials, free downloads, time wasters, and other random things.  She also has designed some very funky fabrics that I would be happy to add to my collection.


Somewhere Splendid

Somewhere Splendid

Somewhere Splendid’s main focus is entertaining.  Party themes, decor, treats and more.  Beautiful pictures showcase parties that I can’t even imagine being invited to.  There are also a decent amount of posts about interesting objects, artwork, and recipes.


Eat Drink Chic

Eat Drink Chic

A very trendy girl named Amy Moss is the author of this blog, which centers around style, DIY, printables, entertaining, weddings, food, and more.  And she’s Australian.  Which is just cool.

That’s it for today, but please feel free to post a comment with any of your favorite blogs.  I’m always looking for more to add to my list.

Wedding Invitation: Diedra and Tyler

I was recently hired to design a wedding invitation based on the story of how the soon to be married couple had met.  Although it was quite a challenge to fit all of the words on one card (and make them look pretty), I was SO happy with the results!

Here is the sweet story-style invitation for Diedra and Tyler:



Wedding Invitations: Amber and Ben

This sweet invitation was designed for some friends we go to church with.  They are both very stylish, have lively personalities, and LOVE collecting antiques.  Their wedding, at the end of October, will be themed with many items they and their families have collected throughout the years.  I can’t wait to see all the creative things they come up with.  Here are the invitations I designed to match their vintage themed wedding:



the final product

Wedding Invitations: Leah and Julian

This invitation was designed for T’s former roommate and his bride-to-be. They are an amazing couple deserving a unique and homespun style invitation. The chairs were inspired by a Fat Bald Men Bicycle Co. mug in Julian’s kitchen. I tracked down some photographs of chairs, then traced, scanned, and converted them to Illustrator. It was a fun project and I am in love with the results.


The final product

Wedding Invitations: Lauren and Jeremy

These sweet invitations were designed for my cousin and her love. We were married about 4 months apart and were able to share many of our decorations since we chose similar colors. It worked out great for both of us!

tri-fold invitation

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