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DIY Instagram Magnets

We’ve all seen ads for companies that make instagram magnets – for the low low price of a lot of money.  Making my own was much easier and cheaper than I imagined.

instagram magnets

Here’s what you need:

Prints of your instagram pictures
- You can either get them printed at walgreens or another photo printer, or print your own on slightly thick paper. I printed my own on 60 lb paper in two sizes – 2 and 2.5 inches (2 inches is authentic instagram size, but I wanted some bigger ones as well).

Magnet Paper
- I bought a roll of magnet paper at Michaels (Jo Ann’s didn’t carry it) for about $10 and used a 40% off coupon.  One roll did quite a few – I made three sets of between 8-12.


First, cut out your instagram picture.

cut instagram

Then cut out a similar size (a hair bigger) magnet. Peel off the paper, line up a corner of the instagram picture as close as you can, and press them together. Smooth over with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles.


Use your scissors to trim around the magnet to tighten up the edges. That’s it!

The finished project:





A Glimpse of Vacation

My side of the family traveled to Traverse City, Michigan last month for a family reunion and my nana’s memorial (she passed away in January).  T and I decided to turn the occasion into an epic road trip, and drove from Detroit to Minneapolis, making several stops throughout the almost two week trip.  We had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to head back to the Great Lakes someday.









Family Vacation

Last week T and I spent five days with my family in Boone, North Carolina, then tacked on a day in Asheville and a quick overnight in Atlanta with friends.  What a fabulous way to spend a week!  We had a blast hiking trails, playing games, watching the olympics, eating yummy vacation food (ice cream every night – because it’s vacation!), and so much more.  T has already asked if fall is too soon to go back.  :)
Here are a few pictures from the trip.


The fam


I love trees. Especially bright green ones like these.


Grandfather Mountain


fields of sunshine near Biltmore

Instagram Update: April and May


April and May

1: Le Creuset Bowl, bday gift from T.  2:  Hand lettering for work project.  3:  Sick food (home for 5 days, bleh!)  4: Dinner.  5: Lunch with Lindsey and Smith.  6: Finishing Grady’s bday present.  7: Girl’s night.  8: First Blue Wahoo’s baseball game.  9: Received hard copies of cookbook I designed.  10: Airplane park with visiting family.  11: Preparing for future art project.  12: Baseball with best friend.  13: Lunch with I&MF (visited over holiday weekend).  14: Mango salsa, made by I&MF.  15: Memorial Day at the beach with I&MF.

A Night in the Country

To kick off our Easter weekend, T and I headed up to the country house that has been in his family for ages.  It is a perfect way to unplug and live like his relatives did 60+ years ago.  I love the details in this quiet cottage.

spring blossoms


pocket watch

cast iron

My husband is currently obsessed with cast iron.  Coming soon, his version of my brother’s deep dish pizza recipe.  It’s incredible!

Spring Instagram Update

Life lately, as recorded by instagram:

Saturday Mornings

Ft. Pickens nature trail

Whitewater Falls, NC

Lunch at Hobnob in Brevard, NC

Reading with Grady Bug in Charlotte, NC

homemade lunch

Easter cupcakes by my talented mother-in-law

early birthday gift 1 of 5 from husband

early birthday dinner with the fam

adore. our beach.


A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Sorry there has been an extreme lack of posts lately.  I am working on several craft projects, but they all happen to be top-secret birthday gifts for my two nephews and niece…tutorial posts will be available in mid-May, after they have all received them.  T and I have also concocted several delicious recipes, but they need some tweaking before sharing.  What I CAN do, is share some of my favorite blogs.  Here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

This blog is written by cutie Elsie Larson.  Even her name is cute.  She writes about outfits, food, beauty, photography, decor, and also creates DIY projects.


Kendi Everyday

Kendi Everyday

Kendi posts creative outfit combinations nearly everyday (thus the name).  They are very inspiring when you are in a “I have no clue what to wear today!!” rut.


How About Orange

How About Orange

I love the color orange.  So does Jessica Jones, the blogger who created How About Orange.  Subjects she writes about include:  DIY tutorials, free downloads, time wasters, and other random things.  She also has designed some very funky fabrics that I would be happy to add to my collection.


Somewhere Splendid

Somewhere Splendid

Somewhere Splendid’s main focus is entertaining.  Party themes, decor, treats and more.  Beautiful pictures showcase parties that I can’t even imagine being invited to.  There are also a decent amount of posts about interesting objects, artwork, and recipes.


Eat Drink Chic

Eat Drink Chic

A very trendy girl named Amy Moss is the author of this blog, which centers around style, DIY, printables, entertaining, weddings, food, and more.  And she’s Australian.  Which is just cool.

That’s it for today, but please feel free to post a comment with any of your favorite blogs.  I’m always looking for more to add to my list.

Photo Albums

I used to scrapbook all my photos when I was a teenager using boxes and boxes of crafting supplies.  Now, I don’t seem to have the patience for it.  My design driven mind would spend HOURS putting one page together just to create a decent looking layout.  Last year I decided to simplify things and bought a groupon for a shutterfly photo album.  It was the easiest way for me to get the simple design I wanted without hours of work.  All the process requires is uploading pictures, choosing a layout, and dragging over which pictures you want on the web version of your pages.  Choose the size and cover style of book, and voila!  A complete photo album will arrive on your doorstep a week or so later.

Here are the three books I’ve done so far:

Book #1

holiday memories

Book #1 contains pictures of the first year of T and I’s relationship and engagement photos.


Book #2 (I wish I had put a picture on the front!)

welcome to our wedding.

Book #2 is a compilation of our favorite wedding pictures.  We love looking back at them to see details we might have missed on that blur of a wonderful day.


Book #3

good food.

Sedona, Arizona

The layout style of book #3 is my favorite of them all.  I used a gift certificate my mother in law gave me for Mixbook.  I love the option given to bleed pictures lines over the edge, giving a seamless look.  This book contains pictures of our first year of marriage – from our honeymoon in Sedona, Arizona, up to our one year anniversary trip in Sonoma, California.  So many of our pictures are amazing landscape shots that deserve a little extra space on the page.

I’m so glad I finally took the time to get photo books made with these memories.  Otherwise, who knows how long they would have sat unused on my hard drive…

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