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A Glimpse of Vacation

My side of the family traveled to Traverse City, Michigan last month for a family reunion and my nana’s memorial (she passed away in January).  T and I decided to turn the occasion into an epic road trip, and drove from Detroit to Minneapolis, making several stops throughout the almost two week trip.  We had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to head back to the Great Lakes someday.









Family Vacation

Last week T and I spent five days with my family in Boone, North Carolina, then tacked on a day in Asheville and a quick overnight in Atlanta with friends.  What a fabulous way to spend a week!  We had a blast hiking trails, playing games, watching the olympics, eating yummy vacation food (ice cream every night – because it’s vacation!), and so much more.  T has already asked if fall is too soon to go back.  :)
Here are a few pictures from the trip.


The fam


I love trees. Especially bright green ones like these.


Grandfather Mountain


fields of sunshine near Biltmore

Instagram Update: April and May


April and May

1: Le Creuset Bowl, bday gift from T.  2:  Hand lettering for work project.  3:  Sick food (home for 5 days, bleh!)  4: Dinner.  5: Lunch with Lindsey and Smith.  6: Finishing Grady’s bday present.  7: Girl’s night.  8: First Blue Wahoo’s baseball game.  9: Received hard copies of cookbook I designed.  10: Airplane park with visiting family.  11: Preparing for future art project.  12: Baseball with best friend.  13: Lunch with I&MF (visited over holiday weekend).  14: Mango salsa, made by I&MF.  15: Memorial Day at the beach with I&MF.

A Night in the Country

To kick off our Easter weekend, T and I headed up to the country house that has been in his family for ages.  It is a perfect way to unplug and live like his relatives did 60+ years ago.  I love the details in this quiet cottage.

spring blossoms


pocket watch

cast iron

My husband is currently obsessed with cast iron.  Coming soon, his version of my brother’s deep dish pizza recipe.  It’s incredible!


Vacations are glorious!  T and I just returned from a week long vacation in northern California. We rented a small place to stay near wine country, and made several trips into San Francisco.  We were able to see Muir woods, Armstrong woods (one of our favorite destinations), Bodega Bay, Alcatraz, and several other memorable and beautiful locations.  Every day we would see a completely unique landscape (see photos below for proof).  We were even able to visit my cousin and her husband who took us on a local’s tour of SF.  The entire trip was one we will not soon forget.  I was able to save a few visuals of the trip by taking over 430 photographs.  I have a lot of sorting and editing to do.

our balcony view

Alcatraz prison

Bodega Bay

the bridge

Golden Gate



I’m a Planner

I’ve been working on fall travel plans for several weeks now.  It will be somewhat of a “1 year anniversary/we could really use a vacation” trip.   T and I came up with three different locations, and I started researching costs, travel times, etc.  This project was a little bit too fun for me. I spent half a day just creating spreadsheets with all the details I was organizing.

vacation budget spreadsheets


Our options were: Washington DC, Savannah GA/Charleston SC, and Sonoma Valley CA.

And the winner is…California!  I’ve never been, and I goal of mine is to visit one new city or state each year while I’m young and child-free.  T and I are also wine-lovers, so visiting wine country will truly be a dream vacation.  Hopefully I will be able to find some good deals on travel reservations over the next few weeks.

Antiques and Family History

Last weekend my husband and I went on an overnight trip out to the country.  His family has a small house about an hour outside of town perfect for a night or two away from the hustle and bustle of busy life.  The house is full of interesting antiques and family history, and a pond is a short car ride through the woods.  There was also satellite tv, which held some of our attention due to the fact that we have two channels at home (and we like it that way).

My sister and J came out to spend the evening with us.  We visited the pond, made grilled cheese and tomato soup, and played a board game.  Our little trip reminded us of how our ancestors may have lived life 60+ years ago.


reading time

family photos


elephant and donkey

the breakfast nook

the pond

our morning view

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