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DIY Instagram Magnets

We’ve all seen ads for companies that make instagram magnets – for the low low price of a lot of money.  Making my own was much easier and cheaper than I imagined.

instagram magnets

Here’s what you need:

Prints of your instagram pictures
- You can either get them printed at walgreens or another photo printer, or print your own on slightly thick paper. I printed my own on 60 lb paper in two sizes – 2 and 2.5 inches (2 inches is authentic instagram size, but I wanted some bigger ones as well).

Magnet Paper
- I bought a roll of magnet paper at Michaels (Jo Ann’s didn’t carry it) for about $10 and used a 40% off coupon.  One roll did quite a few – I made three sets of between 8-12.


First, cut out your instagram picture.

cut instagram

Then cut out a similar size (a hair bigger) magnet. Peel off the paper, line up a corner of the instagram picture as close as you can, and press them together. Smooth over with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles.


Use your scissors to trim around the magnet to tighten up the edges. That’s it!

The finished project:





Easy Roasted Veggies with Rosemary

I made this easy side dish to go along with some pork loin on the grill a few nights ago.  Here is how I threw it together:

Cut up some veggies, place in foil.
Cut a few rosemary stalks and arrange around the veggies.
Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt over them.
Wrap foil around veggies to make a tight package.




Diaper Burp Cloth Tutorial

These diaper burp cloths make the perfect baby shower gift.  If you’ve recently had a baby and are a friend of mine, there is a decent chance you have received a set.  My favorite part of the process is choosing a fabric that fits the color scheme of the baby’s nursery, along with a style that I think the mom wouldn’t mind constantly having on her shoulder (therefore, no baby prints).

What you’ll need:
1/4 yard of fabric  - prewashed
4 cloth diapers (I use the Gerber brand diapers with the thick center section from target) – prewashed
Sewing machine (unless you’re hardcore and love to sew by hand)
+ you can also add ribbon or embroider monograms if you like frilly things. 

Cut the fabric into pieces about 1-1 1/2  inches longer on each side of the thicker center section of the diaper.


Fold under 1/2 inch of  the fabric on each short side.  Iron to create a clean line.   Fold under 1/2 inch of the fabric on the long sides.  Iron.  Pin every few inches, especially the corners.   The decorative fabric should slightly overlap the thicker portion of the diaper.

ready to sew

Sew around the edge of the fabric, keeping the corners tight as you go so there aren’t gaps.  Remove the pins as you sew.

You can either straight stitch about 1/4 inch in, or zigzag right on the edge to secure the patterned fabric to the cloth.

When you’ve completed your diaper, trim your loose threads with scissors.

finished cloths


Voila!  It doesn’t take long to make 3 or 4 burp clothes.

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