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Homemade Italian Sodas

I recently ordered an italian soda at a local restaurant (which turns out, isn’t italian at all). Then I thought, why can’t I make this at home? The ingredients were ridiculously simple. Ice, flavored simple syrup, sparkling water. That’s it. Combine in whatever order/amounts you wish, and enjoy! I added fresh raspberries since I had some on hand (add a splash of vodka for an evening cocktail).  I bought a small Torani raspberry syrup for a few dollars at World Market and later I realized I could have just made some from my raspberries. Oh well, maybe next time! This drink is perfect for summer evenings and group get-togethers.


italian soda


Creative Cooking: Apple Butter

Making homemade apple butter has been a holiday season tradition in my family for many years. It is a great project to do while watching a favorite Christmas movie or while trimming the tree, and makes the whole house smell glorious. You can use more or less sugar and spices to create your favorite blend. Yesterday’s batch filled 5 small jars and 2 medium. Best on toast, in pastries, or even on a peanut butter sandwich.

Homemade Apple Butter

Homemade Apple Butter

Finished product

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