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Wedding Invitation: Jeanette and Matthew


Jeannette and Matthew had a special story that they wanted incorporated into their wedding invitation – they were getting married the same day their parents had in 1983 (Sapp), and 1989 (Carco).  The live oak tree on the invitation tells the story in its branches, and the brown and green color palette blend perfectly.

Wedding Invitation: Creagh and Timothy

Creagh and Timothy’s invitation was my first one where I actually worked with a wedding planner, rather than a bride.  It was a fun and smooth process, which was probably helped by the fact that the wedding planner is a friend of mine.  The bride wanted a simple and elegant design.  The finished product is absolutely lovely:



Wedding Invitation: Diedra and Tyler

I was recently hired to design a wedding invitation based on the story of how the soon to be married couple had met.  Although it was quite a challenge to fit all of the words on one card (and make them look pretty), I was SO happy with the results!

Here is the sweet story-style invitation for Diedra and Tyler:



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