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Wedding Invitation: Jeanette and Matthew


Jeannette and Matthew had a special story that they wanted incorporated into their wedding invitation – they were getting married the same day their parents had in 1983 (Sapp), and 1989 (Carco).  The live oak tree on the invitation tells the story in its branches, and the brown and green color palette blend perfectly.

White Christmas

Between celebrating two Thanksgivings and two Christmases in three days over the Thanksgiving holiday, Sunday was a nice day to relax and put up our Christmas tree.  Our previous Christmas tree had to go to Christmas tree heaven when we moved, so this year we decided to go a little crazy and buy a white tree to fit the style of our new house.


arranging branches


ornaments hung


Ready for a T&H Christmas


O Christmas Tree!

“What a completely original title”, you say.  I know!  I’m so creative sometimes.  T and I listened to “A Very She & Him Christmas”, my current favorite holiday album while we decorated our very tall tree this week.  Here are a few glimpses:

beautiful and very very tall tree.


my first ornament


my favorite ornament


My favorite ornaments are the ones my parents and grandparents gave to me as a girl.  They bring back precious memories of holidays from years ago.  Do you have any favorite Christmas ornaments?

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